“My current interests with landscapes and the relationship between water and land have been the influence of my work. Using cement and plastics such as resin as my main materials, they give a simplified abstracted representation of the environments I create. My work takes on a core sample or cross sections type look to it which works in favour with the materials, as the cement can be sculpted to look like land and the resin forms a still water. The use of resin, which is a plastic and toxic material as the representation of water can be seen as making a reference to the state of current water conditions and how we are putting plastics in the water through our waste, and despite our efforts to clean up the waters, it is still a major issue. The locations of the places I represent are not specific places, but rather generalized ideas of land, allowing the viewer to make their own connection to the pieces with the memories or experiences they may have with similar landscapes.”


OCADU Thesis Show, Toronto | Group show

Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto | Solo show

OCADU Thesis Show from March 1st to the 10th, 2018

Abbozzo Gallery solo show Thrusadau July 12, 2018. Opening reception at 5 PM.

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