Behind the scenes

April 28, 2017 Blog

Yes, we’ve been absent from the blog for a while but we’re back! It’s been a busy week with installation of the exhibition ‘Serenity’  for Peter Dusek which is part of the CONTACT photography festival. The festival opens tonight but our reception for Peter is tomorrow, April 29, 1 – 4. 

We’re also opening a new exhibition of paintings by guest artist Tim Merrett in The Feature Gallery on April 29 so come out and meet both artists. View Tim’s interesting contemporary still life paintings here

We’ve often been asked if we install on the day of the opening but installations take at least two full days of work and that’s not counting the many days of preparation, delivery, cataloguing etc which go into a new exhibition – not to mention all the work that the artist puts into creating the images.

View all the photographs in the exhibition  here and enjoy a few ‘behind the scenes’ shots of installation day(s). 

Peter Dusek's exhibition Serenity, starting to install

From this……

Peter Dusek's exhibition Serenity, starting to install

To this!

Lighting Peter Dusek's exhibition

Lighting Peter Dusek’s exhibition

Peter Dusek - Shibumi

Peter Dusek, busy artist with ‘Shibumi’