Daniel Ross, new paintings

August 16, 2014 Blog

In our Feature Gallery, we have installed new paintings by Daniel Ross. Having represented Dan for several years, it is interesting to see the change and progress in his work. The first paintings that we exhibited were carefully painted canvases which often had blocks of colour representing points on the compass, but also powerful natural forces in First Nations’ tradition. There would also be a landscape somewhere on the canvas.  Over the years, Dan has created figurative images, installation works and art work using found objects. His interests and abilities range far afield.

The new paintings in our current exhibition explore many of the themes that Dan has visited in the past – there are references to First Nations’ culture in ‘Crow Tree’, concern for environmental issues and a continued and intriguing use of numbers in the background of the paintings. What has changed significantly is Dan’s use of his medium. These works have layers of impasto and vibrant colour applied in broad and confident  brush strokes. We’re very excited about Dan’s new work and think you will be too.

Prices begin at $ 2,000.00

Crow Tree, 2014,Oil on panel with found objects, 60 x 47.5 inches, 152 x 121 cm


Escape, 2013, Oil on panel, 18 x 24 inches, 46 x 61 cm


Restitution, (installation view), 2013,Oil on canvas with found objects, 95 x 48 inches (total height), 241 x 122 cm