Featuring William Lazos

June 30, 2017 Exhibitions


Celebrating Canada

June 29 – August 26, 2017

Main Gallery

We’re pleased to introduce the paintings of William Lazos to our clientele. William had exhibited widely in Canada the US and England. His photo-realistic large paintings such as ‘Mini Hoopla’ or ‘Exit’ capture everyday images. Other images are carefully composed to create a statement such as ‘Confederation’ and that is in part why his work is included in our current exhibition ‘Celebrating Canada’ in all three rooms of the gallery. 

“William Lazos has, over the years developed a steady and dynamic body of work that is immersed in the culture of our times and that involves a process of painting that, while it looks deceptively simple, is in fact intricate and multi-layered.

Lazos has a flair for capturing scenarios we can all identify with. While these works are comparable to photography, the way Lazos works with the surfaces of his subjects builds a unity into each work brings them to another level. He binds it all together with light.”

-From ‘William Lazos: Transforming the Everyday with Light’ by John K. Grande