Marie Rioux was born in Montreal and studied visual art in Ouebec City. Over the course of her career she has worked alongside artists from various milieux in contemporary art. ln this way, she has succeeded in developing an original manner of working and a body of art stamped with authenticity. At present she is continuing her artistic enquiries by giving tangible expression to the place in which she lives. Marie Rioux’s work can be found in several private collections, particularly in England, the United States, Germany and Canada, including the collections of Bombardier, Norton Rose, Gentec and the Town of Lévis.

“Whatever my particular aim is, atmosphere is a constant when conceiving my work. lt is through composition that I express my emotion and enter into dialogue with the other.

My pictorial universe is dominated by the vastness of the land and its conflictual element. World events, climate change, war and injustice leave their indelible mark on my mind. ln my work, imaginary lands are superimposed on real ones, creating numerous possibilities. There arises a mix of immobility, mystery and silence, in which the human race advances towards an elsewhere. Through my artistic language, 1 communicate my perception of the world today.

My artistic language is primarily and profoundly instinctive, intuitive and non-conformist. In the studio, 1 paint in oil or acrylic, adding pastel or pencil on occasion. First of all with urgency, the primal impulse your create. Then an initial emerges composition, followed by the work of reconstruction. 1 use monochromes in particular the produce of a dramatic effect and accentuate the seriousness of my aim.

Randomly, over the course of the passing days and over I go about, my eye picks up in a fashion, the forms, saturated colors and vibrations of my surroundings and records them in my subconscious. Back in front of my canvas These elements spring back, are revealed and shaped my own aesthetic.

For me it is essential that my paintings project a certain duality and that they are enigmatic and open ta varia us readings. 1 do not work with the viewer and his or her expectations in mind. They are up to their own resonance, their own meanings and pleasure. Nor do I work according to the artistic currents of the day. What I’m looking for in an inner need, inde pendent of trends.
The work of art, like everything that is vital, must be able to evolve.
I’m in the contemplation of nature that I find my inspiration.”


  • 2014 Le Sainte-Laurent: empreintes, Alliance Francaise, Toronto, ON
  • 2012 Flumen, Galerie Saint-Dizier, MontrĂ©al, QC
  • 2010 Entre ciel et terre, Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, QuĂ©bec City, QC
  • 2002 Rouge et art Ă©vĂ©nement, Galerie Rouge, QuĂ©bec City, QC
  • 2002 Paysages, Rouge Gallery, Quebec City, QC
  • 2001 Galerie de Grand Théâtre de QuĂ©bec, Quebec City, QC


  • 2017 Celebrating Canada, Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, ON
  • Studio BĂ©cot, QuĂ©bec, l’Art de la joie, Manif d’Art/8, la Biennale de QuĂ©bec
  • 2016 Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, Texas
  • First Canadian Place Gallery, Curated by Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, ON
  • International exposition, Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburgh, U.S.A
  • Louise Carrier gallery, LĂ©vis, RĂ©cits d’arbres, pierres et de territoire. Two person show
  • Château Frontenac Art Gallery, Quebec, QC
  • Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, ON
  • 2015 Dialogues, Canadian Bacon, Quebec, QC
  • Vision du septième art, JournĂ©es de la culture. Studio BĂ©cot, Quebec, QC
  • Château Frontenac Art Gallery, Quebec City
  • 2013 REGART, centre d’artistes en art actuel, QuĂ©bec
    Arta Gallery, Toronto, ON
    Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, ON
  • 2011 Toronto Art Fair, Toronto, ON
    Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE), Toronto, ON
    Galerie Tzara 12×12, Québec
  • 2010 Lessedra Art Gallery, Bulgaria
    Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE), Toronto, ON
    Symposium Beauce-Appalaches
  • 2009 Galerie Tzara, QuĂ©bec
    Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, Québec
  • 2008 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, USA
    Galerie Bécot, Québec
    Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, Québec
  • 2007 Galerie BĂ©cot, QuĂ©bec
    Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, Québec
  • 2006 Galerie BĂ©cot, QuĂ©bec
    Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, Québec
  • 1999 Atelier Imagine, QuĂ©bec
  • 1998 L’Orangeraie, L’Œil de Poisson, QuĂ©bec
    L’abeille et le papillon, Salle Multi, Méduse, Québec
    Rouge et art événement, Galerie Rouge, Québec
    La grande macédoine, Galerie Rouge, Québec

Alliance Française, Toronto

Bombardier, Dorval, Québec

Compagnie Gentex, Québec

Compagnie Lauréat Pépin, Québec

CTRL Québec

Gentex Co., Quebec City

Norton Rose

Ogilvy Renaud, lawyers, Québec

Town of LĂ©vis

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