D.A. Dunford Canadian

"I would be totally lost if I could not paint. It is my passion ad it keeps me connected to the world and nature around me"

An innate artistic mind from a young age, D.A. Dunford recognized his interest in the visual arts early on. His first encounter with art was at age 5 while staying with his grandparents; he became fascinated after watching his uncle create hyper-realistic circles which to Dunford, looked like "they were literally popping off each page". From then on, the Owen Sound born Dunford would begin drawing, sketching cars, industrial objects, and machines, tyring to capture their geometries, design details, and shapes. Dunford has now changed his focus to landscapes and senery after a small encounter on the bus which has now lead him to an amazing career. From teaching summer classes here in Ontario to all the way in the Bahamas, Dunford has not been shy to spreading the joys of art. He will keep on experimenting and hone his skills by not being too shy to work in many different mediums but his forever favourite will always be acrylic.