David Blackwood

David Blackwood is a master Canadian painter and printmaker whose distinct style has earned him a spot in the canon of great Canadian artwork. Blackwood is known chiefly for his intaglio prints, often depicting dramatic historical scenes of Newfoundland outport life and industry, such as shipwrecks, seal hunting, iceberg encounters, and resettlement. He considers himself a "visual storyteller," and also produces paintings, drawings and woodcuts. His work is endlessly important to the mythology and heritage of the Newfoundland way of life he grew up in. 

David Blackwood is one of Canada’s most respected visual storytellers. His narrative work reflects the legend, toughness and landscape of Newfoundland- an historic journey not that far removed in essence and time.

Blackwood’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with over 90 solo shows and scores of group exhibitions. He has been the subject of two major retrospective exhibitions and the National Film Board’s 1974 Academy-Award nominated documentary film BLACKWOOD.