Duane Nickerson


Duane Nickerson is a Canadian artist who has exhibited his work internationally and now lives and works near Toronto. 

“My work now almost exclusively reflects my fascination with the complex visual matrix that arises from the slow growth of trees and the erosion of limestone by water. With such subject matter, the theme of time is ever present. I am intrigued by the various tracks of time evident in this environment. This sense of slow change is reflected in the process of layering mixtures of the primitive, physical medium of oil paint on a canvas surface. The slowness of my oil painting technique pays modest tribute to the endurance of trees and the majesty of geological forces that continue to shape our environment.”

Abbozzo Gallery will hold a solo exhibition for Duane in 2019


 MFA and a Governor General’s Gold Medal award from the University of Calgary, Calgary, AB 

BFA The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Mount Allison University



2017                     Featured artist, Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, ON

2016                     Slow Growth, Gallery on the Bay, Hamilton, ON

2010                     Ephemera, Gallery on the Bay, Hamilton, ON

2009                     A Closer Look, Gallery on The Bay, Hamilton, ON

2002                     Surface Channels, Substation Gallery, Singapore

2002                     Duane Nickerson, Canada House, Brunei Darussalam

1997                     Furtive Membrane, Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto, ON

1996                     Paintings, The Blue Monkey, Toronto, ON

1994                     Carnival, The Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto, ON

1992                     Paintings, Birganart Gallery, Toronto, ON

1991                     Rift, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, AB

1990                     Approximations, Fine Arts Gallery, Calgary, AB

1989                     Paintings and Constructions, The Arts Centre, Fredericton, NB

1988                     Paintings and Constructions, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS

1984                     Travel Paintings, Tilley Hall, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB



2015                     Summer in the City, Gallery on the Bay, Hamilton, ON

2014                     Bi-Annual Juried Exhibition, Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON

2013                     Summer in the City, Gallery on the Bay, Hamilton, ON

2010                     Harvest, Gallery 145, St. Catharines, ON

2009                     Bruno Capolongo Invitational, Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, Hamilton, ON

2008                     Local Harvest, Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON

2007                     Gathering, Ross Morrow Theatre, Ridley College, St. Catharines, ON

2002                     Guests in Brunei, Brunei National Gallery, Bandar Seri Begawan

1996                     Juicy Fruit, Durham Art Gallery, Durham, ON

1995                     Juicy Fruit 1, Koffler Centre for the Arts, North York, ON

1995                     Juried Show, Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON

1995                     Season’s Choice, Cold City Art Gallery, Toronto, ON

1994                     5th Anniversary Exhibition, Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto, ON

1993                     More or Less, BIRGANART Gallery, Toronto, ON

1991                     Christiansen/Hughs/Nickerson, Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB

1990                     Recent Representational Painting, Virginia Christopher Galleries, Calgary, AB

1990                     Square Deal Cubed, New Gallery, Calgary, AB

1990                     New Video, EM Media, Calgary, AB

1989                     Acquisitions 1988-89, University of New Brunswick Arts Centre, Fredericton, NB



2016                     Artist Duane Nickerson is fascinated with things that take a long time to be, Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator 14/06/16 (review of Slow Growth Exhibition)

2010                     Magician Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary, Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator 12/11/10 (review of Ephemera exhibition)

2010                     Trivial Pursuits, review of Ephemera exhibition, Shelley Thomas

2010                     Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Dilettante’s Diary
2002                     Surface Channels, U-Ground Magazine, Singapore, 09/02

2002                     Go Beyond the Surface by Camilla Chaim, The Straits Times, Singapore, 19/08/02

2002                     Artwork that Really Gets Under Your Skin by Parvathi Nayar, The Business Times Singapore 17/08/02

1996                     The Art Market by Duane Nickerson, The Globe and Mail, 09/09/97

1995                     Juicy Fruit catalogue essay by John Massier

1995                     A Dynamic Visual Journey by Duane Nickerson, Cobourg Evening Guide, 05/02/96

1993                     The Verdict is Excellent by Paul Benedetti, Hamilton Spectator, 07/10/93

1992                     Body as Metaphor by George Olds, Extra Magazine, 04/14/92

1991                     Assembling Room by Paul Woodrow, Artichoke Magazine, Fall/Winter 

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1988                     For the Experience catalogue essay by Michael Lawlor 



2015                     Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council 

2010                     Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council

1995-97               Exhibition Assistance Grants, Ontario Arts Council

1995                     People’s Choice Award, Grimsby Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON

1993                     Dean’s List, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto, ON

1991                     Governor General’s Gold Medal Award, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Calgary, AB

1990                     Province of Alberta Graduate Scholarship

1990                     Production Scholarship, EM Media, Calgary, AB

1989                     Graduate Research Scholarship, University of Calgary, AB

1988                     Endowment Fund Scholarship, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

1987                     Centennial Scholarship, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design



Faculty of Management, University of Calgary, AB

Province of New Brunswick Art Collection

Sheridan Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


Public and private collections in Australia, Brunei, Canada, France, Mexico, Singapore, the UK and the United States