educational project 

 video only 

We are inviting you to subscribe to a unique educational project based exclusively on videos. The most interesting and enlightening art lessons, interviews, panel discussions, and documentaries on topics like art market, investing in art, how to look at an artwork, how to build an art collection, and much more selected and made available for you, all in one place.


We have opted to use videos specifically for their digestibility, ease of access across different platforms and devices, and the ease in which they deliver their lessons to the viewer. We feel as though the audio/visual nature of these sources provide the most effective way to introduce you to the intricacies of the art world.


chapter 1: introduction to modern and contemporary art

chapter 2: understanding an artwork

chapter 3: starting an art collection

chapter 4: the art market

chapter 5: investing in art

chapter 6: the role of commercial art galleries

chapter 7: conceptual art

chapter 8: photography