Elle Belz is a contemporary expressionist artist who enjoys marrying abstract with realism and prefers portraying bold and traditional subjects with a modern twist. She loves working with colors, playing with lighting, and meaningful composition. Carefully thought out, Elle captures, in essence, inner feelings and emotions — each painting becoming a journey.

Florals are some of her personal favorites, emulating natural colors and playing with their natural movement resonate as strength and fragility to the art lover only to echo the human spirit.

Primarily self-taught, Elle received a Bachelors of Science (Hons.) with a Minor in Fine Arts from the University of Prince Edward island in 1997 and resides with her family in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada.


Solo Exhibitions


“Stardust” Abbozzo Gallery- 401 Richmond rd, Toronto On


“Heaven on Earth” Westland Gallery- 156 Wortley Rd, London ON


“Winter”  Art Square Gallery- 334 Dundas ave Toronto 

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