Richard Jacobson: Pieces from a Different Puzzle

Richard Jacobson: Pieces from a Different Puzzle

Abbozzo Gallery is pleased to announce Richard Jacobson‘s solo exhibition, Pieces from a Different Puzzle. Saskatchewan born, Toronto based high realism oil painter Jacobson brings his autobiographical still life and landscape artwork to the walls of Abbozzo starting September 10th, with the Opening Reception at 5pm of the same day. The exhibition runs until October 2nd.

“If you imagine the studio as a giant sandbox for adults, you can get a sense of what it’s like to work as one. There is no greater pleasure to step into the studio with the wild abandon of childish excitement. To allow play to lead you through your thoughts and feelings and help you ultimately come to grips with what it is to be human. Of course, not every hour, day, even week, is that way. The losing of the ego to allow ‘play’ to happen is elusive. The feeling is so powerful, though it draws the artist back again and again. 

‘Your next painting is in the painting you are working on,’ I always thought Chuck Close said this; however, I am not sure anymore; however, that does not diminish the truth of this statement. The more time I spend in the studio working or simply tinkering, as my father would say, the more new perspectives reveal themselves. New connections between imagery and emotions become clearer. 

The trick is to reach out and touch that clarity. It’s the promise of the perfect image, the fully realized thought that pushes me forward. Of course, for a painter, the horror of watching as every single brush stroke takes the painting farther from the perfect nebulous image in the mind’s eye. The resulting paintings are never as profound as they appeared in my mind. They are as close as it is possible to achieve. Paintings are, by their very nature, imperfect objects made of real wood, canvas and coloured mud. 

‘Paintings are never completed; they are only abandoned.’ Paul Valéry 1933.

This collection is, mostly, a step into my mind. It holds many ideas and thoughts that will come together to more significant, more concise senses, or they are already as far as I will follow the path a particular work has presented.

They are ‘Pieces from a different puzzle.'”

-Richard Jacobson


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