Katharine Burns: Coming Ashore

Katharine Burns: Coming Ashore

Abbozzo Gallery will be debuting new Halifax based oil painter Katharine Burns in the Feature Gallery. Drawing inspiration from the geography of Eastern Canada and the sea she grew up beside, Katharine Burns is known for her realistic representations of the ocean on canvas. Her oil paintings convey a sense of immersion into the subject of water as she depicts the eternally changing elements of the sea. Her large-scale seascapes manage to capture the dramatic and evocative nature of the ocean in all of its temperaments, whether it be a powerful crashing wave or a serene blue expanse.

“When I observe the ocean I am meditative and reflective. I feel a connectedness with nature and am reminded to be present in these moments. I am mesmerized by the rhythmic sound of the waves, the twinkling sun reflecting on the surface of the water, the fleeting moment of light cast through a breaking wave. By the ocean’s powerful influence I am drawn to recreate these moments and capture not only the reflective and luminous physical qualities, but also the emotional response brought by observing the complex element of water.” – Katharine Burns

Opening October 18th. Reception from 5 – 8pm with the Artist in Attendance. Exhibition runs until Nov. 9th.

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