Our NFTs

For almost 30 years, Abozzo Gallery has looked to the future of art in all mediums, be it sculpture, painting or multimedia. Now, in collaboration with represented artist Richard A. Jacobson, Abbozzo Gallery is proud to  announce that we have officially joined the crypto world. Our first official NFT titled 'Broken_deadcat' has been published to OpenSea and more are on the way. Click here to view our NFT collection, follow our growth, and purchase online.


Over the next weeks and months, we will colaborate further with Jacobson and other represented artists to create new digital artworks, all of which will be posted on this website and Abbozzo Gallery's profile on the OpenSea platform for purchase. This new medium signals our first steps into the Avant Garde of 21st century art, and we warmly invite you to take part in this journey. 






  • What is 'deadcat'?

    Deadcat Studio logo

    What is "deadcat"?

    For the colaboration between Abbozzo Gallery and Richard Jacobson, both parties have agreed to refer to the artist by his pseudonym 'deadcat'. This will provide a useful distinction between his physical and digital artworks. This is also why '_deadcat' appears at the end of every NFT title.


    Please contact the gallery for further infomation, and be sure to browse at our Publications section to see at the novels publised by deadcat studio.