Stan Olthuis: Proximity II

Stan Olthuis: Proximity II

Canadian painter and sculptor Stan Olthuis brings his abstract expressionist paintings and sculpture work to Abbozzo Gallery for his second Solo Exhibition with us. The Exhibition opens Friday November 1st. for the opening reception with the artist in attendance. The opening event runs from 5 – 8 pm. The exhibition closes November 23rd, 2019. Admission is free.

“These pieces are the result of my musings on relationships. Observing and perceiving emotional and physical interactions and then interpret visually. I focus on the randomness of how space can be shared to create something new by purposely bringing organic shapes together to nearly touch, firmly touch or intersect to command a reaction. The process has resulted in playfulness with colour, shape and motion. In some pieces there is an implied interactivity where the potential exists to change almost infinitesimally. The forms I work with are mainly intuitive and have been present throughout all my work both figurative and abstract. I have realized that an underlying timeless geometry is present but it takes a back seat to expressionistic gesture.

My work has always involved concept, tactility and expressionistic energy. I visualize my ‘story’ and imagery simultaneously allowing the work to surprise me and come to life as I work through a rapid execution. I am almost careless in how I use colour or texture so that I don’t ‘design’ too much. I enjoy facing the fear of improvising on-the-fly to keep it interesting and open up a flow to new iterations. I like to leave the obvious raw record of the process visible but I want mystery to remain.” – Stan Olthuis

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