Camie Geary-Martin

“Reaching back two generations to interpret the unique, elaborate and very contemporary embroideries of my grandmother, Ruth Sherren, I have begun A Collaboration with My Past. After days spent sketching in the Victoria and Albert Museum, she carefully designed and created her embroideries, incorporating a Ming vase into a face and perhaps an owl from the Natural History department perched on the shoulder of an elongated figure. By interpreting these fantastical, abstract figures in three dimensions and casting them in bronze, I am exploring my roots and the art of the grandmother I met only once.” 

Other Sculptures by Camie Geary – Martin

As an artist, I create a diverse selection of intimate and engaging bronze sculptures. My work is unique and experimental with a focus on the human form: its presence or absence, loss and memory. What is not there is as important as what is. The creation of shadows adds a further ephemeral quality to my work. A broad array of life experiences has influenced me as an individual and now informs my sculpture. This is evident in my “Shroud Series” which was inspired by a trip to Egypt.

My “Shrouds” are created by wrapping burlap dipped in wax over a series of half life size figures which I have previously sculpted in clay. After gently removing the shroud, it is sprued and vented in preparation for the foundry. It is during the casting process that the holes and empty spaces are created. The “Shrouds” are so thin that the bronze cannot reach all the areas. It is always a gamble, but very exciting to see what is unearthed from the investments. Once I have completed the grinding and patination of these intricate pieces they are mounted with the intention of resembling museum artefacts. These delicate bronzes evoke the form and in its absence the cloth holds the memory. They have been described as “Hauntingly Beautiful.”

I am also currently working on pieces from my “Branching Out Series,” featuring “Sanctuary,” a globe of simple branches representing the canopy of trees that surrounds the earth. Cast in bronze it demonstrates the strength of the canopy while the delicate twigs expose its more fragile nature. In 2011 I travelled to China to create a five foot “Sanctuary”.

I am experimenting with shape and form in this series and have created both “Columns” and “Wall Branches”.

Pieces from my recently cast “Landscape Series” were shown for the first time recently. These abstract landscape forms were inspired and sculpted during my residency in at the Vermont Studio Center.

I am also interested in creating large sculptures for outdoor settings and have submitted proposals to the Toronto Sculpture Garden.



2009 – Business of Art 2009, Cultural Careers Council Ontario, Toronto, ON
2004/05 – Independent Studio Programme, Toronto School of Art, Toronto, ON
1999/04 – Diploma program, Toronto School of Art, Toronto, ON

2002      – Visiting foreign student, Fine Art, Pasadena City College, CA


2015      — “A Collaboration with My Past”, Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, ON

2014      — Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto, ON

2009      – Art Square Gallery, Toronto, ON

2008      – Open Studio, Bradshaw Studios, Toronto, ON

2006      – Studio Opening, Unit 119, Bradshaw Studios, Toronto, ON

2004      – “Figure and Form”, Zypr Gallery, Toronto, ON


2010      -“Convergence” Tom Thompson Gallery, Owen Sound, ON

2010      – Art Expo New York, Pier 94 New York City, NY.

2009      – “Chromatic” Oeno Gallery, Bloomfield, ON

2009      -”New Members 2009″ Sculptor’s Society of Canada, Toronto, ON

2009      – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square,

2009      – “For the Birds”, Gallery Arcturus, Toronto, ON

2008      – Me Michael Art Gallery, Kleinberg, ON

2007      – Art Expo New York, Jacob Javits Center, New York, N. Y.

2007      – “You Are Here”, Eastern Front Gallery, Toronto, ON

2006      – ” … Conversation Show”, Loop Gallery, Toronto, ON

2006      – Art Tao Gallery, Toronto, ON

2005      – Invitational International Sculpture Exhibition, Dalian, PR China

2005      – Muse Gallery, Toronto, ON

2005      – Grand Opening, Galerie Bertossini, Toronto, ON

2005      – Mining & the Arts, Mining in Society, Cdn. Inst. of Mining, TO, ON

2004      – Emerging Artists Show, Sculptors Society of Canada Toronto, ON

2004      – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON

2004/09 – Toronto Art Expo, Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, ON

2004      – “Terra Firma”, Gallery 61, Toronto, ON

2003      – “Artists Against The War”, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON


2007 – SOLO Sculpture/3D Award, 2007

Art Expo New York, Jacob Javits Center, New York, New York


2008       – Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont, USA.

2005       – Jinher Bronze Works, Shilecun Liang Jia, Dian Town, Dalian, Liaoning, 116104, PR China


2001          – Madre Teresa, Bronze Bust, St. Mary’s Church, Toronto, ON

2000         – Dr. Ursula Franklin, Bronze Bust, Ursula Franklin Academy, Toronto District School Board, Toronto, ON


2008      – Rising Glen Showcase Home, Hollywood Hills, California, Janna Levenstein March 2008

2007      – Beverly Hills showcase design at the Greystone Mansion featured on Style Network, E! and In Touch Magazine
Thom Filicia Inc October 2007


2007      – Permanent Collection, Gallery Arcturus, Toronto, ON

– Select private collections in Canada and the United States.


2005/06 – Dragon Academy, Toronto, ON

2004      – Artist’s Night Out, Toronto School of Art, Toronto, ON


2000/03 – Demonstration artist, Art in the Garden, North Keppel, ON

2001      – Demonstration artist, Summerfolk Festival, Owen Sound, ON

1975-76 – Costumier, National Ballet of Canada, Toronto, ON


2005/06 – Sculpture workshops, Dragon Academy, Toronto, ON.

2000 – Costumes, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Abelard School, Toronto, ON
1997/99 – Supplementary art program, Alternative Primary School, Toronto, ON
1994/97 – Special art projects, Alan Howard Waldorf School, Toronto, ON