Pearl Litwin


Pearl Litwin’s sculptures are done in the traditional sense of classical sculpture.  She is interested in the figurative aspects of human and animal life.  Her figures exhibit a gift of great observation.  Pearl has a creative spirit yet she makes use of the traditional characteristic of bronze and cold cast as the media that she chooses to use for her works.

These sculptures are delightful representations of subjects that are close to her heart, whether it is a mother and child or a circle of men.  In both cases she can see these subjects as people that are familiar to her in her daily life.

Pearl has admired the great masters Rodin, Degas and Caro, only to take from them that which is essential for her to shape her own striking works of art.  These influences have served her well.  She has used her knowledge and opportunity to the best of all purposes, that of being a creator herself.

Artist Statement

“I can’t remember a time during my childhood and young adult life that I was not attending art classes of some kind.  There was never a spare moment that I didn’t have a pencil or a paint brush in hand.

After my children were born, my responsibilities changed and I became more involved with family, the community and sports.  A few years ago, I had a minor accident and I was incapacitated for a number of months.  I returned to doing more sculpting, and from that moment on I have immersed myself in this journey.

In Toronto, I sculpt at home and when I am in Florida I sculpt in a studio.  But I am comfortable anywhere, as long as there is good light and some clay.

I have always enjoyed sculpting the human body and am partial to the male physique.  I find sculpting the male more interested and far more demanding then the female form.  The male figures I sculpt are quite muscular but also have a sensual quality.  The combination of power and grace are appealing to me.

Most of my sculptures turn out to be very different from the original plan.  I let the clay dictate my subject and pose.  The position of the hand of the tilt of the head will change everything.

I love to challenge myself and am always looking for more interesting and complicated subjects – this can result in multiple figures and recently the use of colour.

Sculpture has brought pleasure and satisfaction to me.  It is truly a joy and passion, and has become one of the most important aspects of my life.”

More recently Pearl has created a series of trees, flowers and intricate masks. A catalogue of new work from Pearl’s solo exhibition in 2015 is available on request.