Yury Darashkevich


“My works are about visual perception and the ways in which the face or body or sometimes even a simple cup responds to the color, line, texture or pattern. The “Thing” or “Subject” by itself, surrounded by “Great Nothing”, is my excitement. I try to establish a very private dialog between the viewer and the subject matter of my painting. It is a simple and sincere conversation without any unnecessary details.”



Yury Darashkevich was born in Asipovichi, Belarus in 1962. He moved to Canada in 1998 and lives and works in Toronto.


  • 1985 Graduated from the Belarussian Academy of Arts


  • 2010 ‘Mystic Point’, Abbozzo Gallery, Oakville, ON
  • 2004 ‘Art by the Cup’, Lydia Monaro Gallery, Montreal, QC (solo)
  • ‘Shadow of Water’, Peterson Fine Art, Toronto, ON
  • 2001 ‘The Quest for One’s Own Vessel’, Peterson Fine Art Gallery, Toronto, ON
  • 1999 ‘Introduction’, Prime Gallery, Toronto
  • 1998 ‘Bremen Daybook’, Goethe Institute, Bremen, Germany
  • A Little Blue’, Podkova Lesna Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
  • 1997 ‘Only Blue’, Grigo Ratay Gallery, Vilnus, Lithuania
  • ‘1996 ‘New Graal’, 6 Line Gallery, Minsk, Belarus
  • ‘Cups, Search #2’, Villa Weiner Gallery, Rheine, Germany
  • 1995 ‘Cups, Search #1’, National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk
  • ‘Brown Women’, Exhibition Place JEC International, Turin, Italy
  • ‘Brown Square’, Republican Art Gallery, Minsk
  • 1994 ‘Cups and Dames’, Palace of Arts, Minsk


  • 2010 ‘Integration Exhibition’, The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON
  • 2007 ‘Around Cup’, Westmount Gallery, Toronto, ON
  • 2005 ‘Toronto International Art Fair’, Toronto, ON
  • 2004 ‘Group Show and Auction’, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, ON
    Milwaukee Art Museum, ‘Lakefront Art Festival’, Milwaukee, WI
  • 2003 Water (Group Exhibition), Abbozzo Gallery, Ooakville, ON


  • 2009 Best in Show Award, Society of Canadian Artists Members’ Exhibition, The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Canada
  • 2002 Artist of the Month – Liquitex Grants and Awards Program
  • 2000 Second Prize, 10th International Art Competition, Havre-de-Grace, USA
  • Second Prize, Kreft International Juried Exhibition, Ann Arbor, USA
  • 1999 Award of Excellence, Manhattan Arts International Magazine Annual Art Competition
  • Best in Show, Artfocus Magazine 8th Annual Fall Artist’s Show, Toronto, ON
  • 1995 Grant from Soros Foundation
  •  First Prize, White Art Festival, Minsk, Belarus
  • 1993 First Prize, Advertising 93 Competition, Kiev, Ukraine


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Numerous museums, galleries and private collectors have acquired the artwork of Yury Darashkevich including:

  • Aurion Capital Management, Canada
  • Kloster Bentlage, Germany
  • Lakeshore Memorial Library, Canada
  • Multiple Arte Gallery, Spain
  • Tanja Collections, Holland
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk
  • The National Art Museum of Belarus
  • Volks Bank, Germany