Julie Himel

Julie Himel carries a Diploma of Fine Art from Langara College in Vancouver, a Bachelor of Fine Art Honours Degree from York University, and a Graduate Diploma from the Toronto School of Art. Her award winning paintings can be found in private collections internationally, public collections including The University of Calgary, Calgary’s Civic Art Collection, Westfield State University, the Armenian Centre Art Collection Canada, and several corporate collections nationwide. She participated in an Artslam competition in 2016 with an impressive list of artists including John Hartman, and was given the title of Champion.


Artist Statement

Julie Himel is a Toronto painter who dwells in the personal. Her beautiful paintings are painterly and have a seductive quality of light and colour. Julie’s young daughter says of her technique, “you use a big brush and too much paint…”. This may be the case in her daughter’s eyes, yet it is the surface of rich paint that invites the viewer to reflect upon the light, the reflection and the quietness that the imagery evokes. The lushness of application of paint can be seen in her artistic influences from Lucian Freud and Tom Thomson, while her domestic imagery can be traced to Mary Pratt. Yet, Himel has said that in addition to these visual influences her “listening to Jeff Buckley sing ‘Hallelujah’ reminds (her) to make every brush stroke honest.” Perhaps the most interesting aspect of her work is the theme of presence vs. absence. In this absence there is an anticipation or expectation of arrival of the characters of the narrative. The fragility of light and selection of the delicate subjects adds to the ephemeral nature of the pieces. There is a psychological tension of expectation to this contemplation. Is there something about to happen? Or is this the after affect? (Excerpt taken from Marjolyn van der Hart’s writing for the ‘TOAE Feature Artist 2014’.)



2006 — 2007      Graduate Diploma – Studio Art, Toronto School of Art, Toronto, ON

1999 — 2000      Diploma of Interactive Media, Graphic and web design and programming, Applied Multimedia, Calgary, AB

1997 — 1998      Visiting Student – Faculty of Fine Arts, The University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

1996 — 1998      Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree, Drawing, York University, Toronto, ON

1994 — 1996      Diploma of Fine Arts, Painting, Langara College, Vancouver, BC



2017      Selected Paintings, Guest Artist, Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, ON



2016      A Fleeting Presence, with Brian Harvey, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, ON

2014      Seeing Light, with Sandy Middleton, Red Brick Cafe, Hamilton, ON



2017      New and Review, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, ON

2017      New and Noteworthy, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, ON

2016 — 2017      Holiday Art Show – Festival of Smalls, Andrew Stelmack, Emily Millar, Mark Uhre, Morgan Jones, Dan Nuttall, Lori Mirabelli, Lori Klassen, East                              Liberty Gallery, Toronto, ON

2016 — 2017      Holiday Art Show – Festival of Smalls, Andrew Stelmack, Emily Millar, Mark Uhre, Morgan Jones, Dan Nuttall, Lori Mirabelli, Lori Klassen,                                      Liberty Markets Loft Gallery, Toronto, ON

2016      A Retrospective of New Work, Chris Flodberg, Maya Gohill, Mark Holliday, Karen Klassen, Aaron    Sidorenko, Carl White, Elevation Gallery, Canmore,                 AB

2016      Square Foot Show, Julia Veenstra Studios, Hamilton, ON

2016      Introduction, Shane Norrie Contemporary, Stratford, ON

2015      Square Foot Show, Julia Veenstra Studios, Hamilton, ON

2015      Interior Design Show, with MJG Gallery, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON

2015      Love Art Fair, with MJG Gallery, Better Living Centre, Toronto, ON

2015      Distant Roadside, with Mark Jeremy Gleberzon, Ian Busher, Richard Ahnert, MJG Gallery, Toronto, ON

2015      Into the Woods, Juried, Quest Art Gallery, Midland, ON

2014      Gluckstein Princess Margaret Dream Home, Oakville dream home, Oakville, ON

2014      Square Foot Show, Julia Veenstra Studios, Hamilton, ON



Armenian Community Centre, Toronto, ON,

Calgary Civic Art Collection, North Mount Pleasant Art Centre, Calgary, AB

Elliot Lake Centre, Elliot Lake, ON

The University of Calgary, Scurfield Hall, Calgary, AB

Westfield Lake College Foundation, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA



Applied Printing, Toronto, ON

Blizzard Communications, Calgary, AB

Gracious Living Toronto, Toronto, ON

Grand River Toys, Toronto, ON

Succession Capital Corporation, Toronto, ON

WSI Signs, Toronto, ON