Sea Change : Katharine Burns

8 - 30 December 2020

“The ocean—like nature as a whole—embodies a few fundamental contradictions that reinforce its enduring power and mystery. It is constant, familiar, and fruitful—in so many ways—to the human species. Yet it is also intimidating and unfathomable—a uniquely fluctuating environment. Though I emphasize its positive, enlivening qualities, these contradictions live in this series of work, as I develop my appreciation of the ocean’s different sides. The ocean teaches us humility, respect, and gratitude. And this too, I hope is clear in the work.” – Katharine Burns

Atlantic Canadian oil painter Katharine Burns opens her second exhibition with Abbozzo Gallery this Saturday, following her debut in the Feature Gallery last fall. Impressive in their scale – one painting being 10 feet wide, two of them 7  feet wide –Burns almost exclusively draws inspiration from the ocean she resides beside, bringing the tumult and calm of the sea to the canvas in her photoreal oil paintings. Katharine Burns was born, raised and resides in Halifax and is a graduate of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, paints full-time and guides painting workshops and classes.