"I am a versatile multi-disciplinary artist who creates new experiences with art, science and technology. My goal is to provide a bit of magic to the world by bringing back the sense of wonder to the people. My projects are intended to be touched and shared, and I like to make people feel something real and become more empathetic when immersed in an experience.

My background is in computer science and visual arts, and I won some awards for my experimental animation films. Since I like learning and traveling, I combined both and studied Creative Coding BSc at the University of London, Interaction Design at the University of California, San Diego and Machine Learning and Neural Networks at the University of London. I am currently studying Integrated Media at the OCADU in Toronto where I won the CRSC award for the best academic research and the Poggetto award for the best academic achievement.

In my spare time I am an avid environmentalist and a free diver, and you can spot me diving out trash from seas and oceans. I am also a musician and an aspiring chef, trying to combine those two things with limited success so far. Will let you know once it works!"