Love Story : Heather Horton

10 September - 3 October 2020

Love Story is an exhibition of paintings which have all been directly or indirectly touched by meeting the love of my life. So many of my paintings over the years have been about capturing absence, the what was, remnants, is exciting to finally paint what is present, what is known, what is now.  These paintings are a celebration of what it is to have found true love both for myself and with the greatest joy, for my other.


Canadian painter Heather Horton's signature contemporary realist style returns to Abbozzo Gallery for her 7th Solo-Exhibition this September. This new series of work, Love Story, sees a slight thematic departure from Horton’s often personal, contemplative, meditative work on memory, loss, and remnants of what was, to one of things found, of things loved, brightness, the immediate present and new futures. Horton’s new work is largely drawn from her time spent in Kensington, London studio over the course of this past year with whom she happily tells all is “the love of her life”. Such joy is viscerally apparent in her paintings.